Done with the coffee..

We went to this very nice place called "Lyst" (Lust). They have a beautiful backyard, very peaceful and relaxing to sit there with friends, boyfriends or just by yourself. They`ve decorated it with really nice things, some old, some new, quite a nice mix!

I love this original way of using old stuff giving it a new purpose.

There is also an "upstairs" outside where you, if you`re very lucky, can catch some lifegiving rays of sun :D Joy!

It`s kind of a coffeebar/restaurant/bar kind of place with very good food indeed. Although I must say that the combination of moccha and chocolatecake was a bad idea... ugg....

Hey I`m actually on one of the photos! Doesn`t really happen that often seeing as I am often the photographer.

Silje, the way she wanted to introduce herself to you. Well, cute.

We just got back to my place where we`re just relaxing some more :)


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SV; jeg la deg til :))


16.aug.2011 kl.22:10

Flotte greier! Hyggelig :)

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Love life!