Poker it is.

Hehe yeah I play poker some nigths, and for me it has to be with money in the pot. Playing poker without a prize is pointless to me. Unfortunately I live in a country that does not allow gambling in any form unless it`s regulated by the state and run by stateowned companies. Ths means that the only gambling allowed here is betting on horseraces, soccer, the lotteries and the likes. We do not have any casinos...

What`s absurd about this country and it`s laws on gambling? Where do I begin...

If you go abroad, to a country where poker is legal, and say you win some money, you still have to PAY TAXES off of it! Taxes to a country where it is illegal to make money off non-statecontrolled gambling. It`s outrageus.... Hypocrisy is what it is called I believe. What are your views here? I can`t understand this.

It gives the impression that as long as the state makes money off of it, it`s legal. If the state can`t make money on it, forget it. But if YOU make money gambling in a country where it`s legal, the state still wants a piece of your cake. Our state is greedy. But hey we`ve got free healthcare right?

I would really like to read your opinion on this...

So that was a rant... Sorry.


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