Today is a little bit special :)

First off I`m going to clean our apartment, it has come to my knowledge that evidently you have to clean once in a while?, so I guess I`ll just have to pull my own neck and get to it.

Later however is when the exciting bit of the day starts.. I have a job interview! Yes, terrifying. Exciting. Nervewrecking. And so on.It`s for a position as barhelp at a local pub here, a very brown pub, which I actually like somewhat :) So I really hope that goes well and that they want me to start tomorrow! Or some day in the near future at the least. Very ready to get a job again... You`ve had those moments right? When you think that people with a lot of free time are really lucky and should be insanely happy because "they don`t have to go to work"? I`ll just put this in your head right now, it is NOT fun at all.. Ofcourse it`s nice to sleep in every now and then, but you really get the feeling that life is moving past you and your world`s at a stand still.

So crossing my toes, lips and hair that they like me..

And also my guy has been visiting his swedish family in Gothenburg and has been there for a week now, so I`m very ready to get him home tonight :D Hence the "cleaning-apartment" endeavour.


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