Old story of lethal stairs

Before I moved in with my guy I used to live in an apartment with two floors. It was nice, felt spacier and also I knew the landlord. A good thing especially seeing that we lived in the same house, with the same front door, sharing the hallway. Anywhoo, this apartment had a lethal set of stairs.

You kow those stairs that lead up to the attic or down to the basement in old houses? The kind that looks like Mount Everest when you look up at it from the bottom? And when you`re on the top, looking down and "manning up" to try your luck, you really think you`re gonna die when you hit the last step. But hey, you gotta reach the bathroom before you wet yourself right? They truly were the stairs from hell.

Well every morning the first thing I had to do was to get down those stairs safely. Easier said than done. You see, I`m extremy sleepy the first minutes after waking up so it`s not a good idea to even talk to me. One morning I had to hurry down to get dressed, believe I was going to work, so I was still halfway dreaming when I took the first step on the stairs. It was all well and I was ready to congratulate myself but then I reached the third final step. With my luck I managed to slip on that step and land on my back in the stairs. I thought to myself "well at least I made it down" and shrugged it off and got to my feet.

Ufortunately I had to go down another miniature set of stairs to get to my bathroom. These stairs only had two steps if I remember correctly. So there I was thiking that the danger had passed and I could safely move on and get o with my day. I was wrong. Clumsy as I am I fell down those stairs too. I ended up lying on the floor in front of my bathroom door, afraid to move a muscle. I was convinced I had died, or at the very least become fatally injured. Hehe I know it`s not logic but I was still in zombie-land.

I laid there for what must have been a couple of minutes before I dared to try to move any part of my body. Part by part I realised that I had lived and was actually perfectly fine, not a scratch! But in that moment when I was on the floor I was certain that my life had ended. Death by stairs. Stairs with two steps that is.

Have you ever had such a moment?


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Hehe jo flira godt selv etterp ;)

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Love life! Er norsk men velger skrive mesteparten p engelsk :) S ingenting i veien med skrive norsk til meg ;)