I got the job ;)

Oh yes I did! Soon I`ll be seen at nighttime, cleaning tables and washing glasses! And I will also spend some time behind the bar. Awesome! And drunk people be aware: NO FUNNYBISSNISS! Hehe Ca...


Today is a little bit special :) First off I`m going to clean our apartment, it has come to my knowledge that evidently you have to clean once in a while?, so I guess I`ll just have to pull my own...

Done with the coffee..

We went to this very nice place called "Lyst" (Lust). They have a beautiful backyard, very peaceful and relaxing to sit there with friends, boyfriends or just by yourself. They`ve decorated it with...


22, lesund

Love life! Er norsk men velger skrive mesteparten p engelsk :) S ingenting i veien med skrive norsk til meg ;)